Status of Tiki translations

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EXCEPTION: since when trying to sort by Percentrage values with fewer than 2 positions after the decimal do not sort correctly, it is suggested to manually edit these, to give them at least 2 positions after the decimal, by adding one or two zeroes.
e.g. if the percentage of a language lists simply as 26% edit this to read 26,00%, or if it reads 23,1% change to read 23,10%__
Note that the site is set to use a comma as decimal separator, not a full stop/period.
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The total number of strings is different for each language due to unused translations present in the language.php files.

Global stats:
  • 4 languages with more than 70% translated
  • 2 languages with more than 30% translated
  • 44 languages with less than 30% translated

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