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Tiki's multilingual features are already very good. It is possible to manage a site in 35+ languages. It is also possible to manage a multilingual site with a single Tiki install. However, there are still a lot of ideas to improve.

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Benefits to become a translator

As a translator, you’ll spend your days using your language skills to help people understand documents, carry on conversations, and generally understand what’s happening in an international setting

A Multicultural Experience

Being a translator means you’ll be a person who straddles multiple worlds. That’s going to put you in touch with people from all over the world -- learning about different ways of life, perhaps trying new foods, and experiencing the nuances of culture that people who simply travel to other countries don’t always get. In short, you’ll be a cultural ambassador.

An Interesting Life

If you’re working as a translator online or you’re translating documents, you’ll get the luxury of working wherever you want. Spend your days in a lounge chair on the beach or in a bustling cafe -- it’s all up to you. If you’re translating for people one-on-one, there’s a very good chance you’re working with tourists, business professionals, government agents or other people who are traveling to and fro.

Your Brain Works Better than Others’

As someone who’s proficient in more than one language, you can consider yourself among the smarter people on the planet. Numerous studies have found that bilingual people’s brains are more active than people who speak only one language. More specifically, bilinguals have an increased "executive function," suggests an article in Psychology Today, meaning they’re better at focusing, prioritizing, analyzing and accessing working memory.