Welcome to the Tiki i18n

You are a Tiki translator, this website allows community members to contribute with ease on the translation of Tiki interfaces.

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How to use i18n.tiki.org

I18n is a site for translators in the Tiki community to contribute with an interactive translation, need more information, click on the link below, you will have the necessary documentation to start the translation on i18n.org


How to use

Registration or Login

Just go to the registration page if you don't have an account and register, confirm the email and then login.

Start interactive translation

You can start the interactive translation using the buttons in the "Start Translation" section or the Get started button.


Before starting the translation put tiki in the language in which you want to translate.

Using interactive translation.

Search for the word to be translated in Tiki and then do your translation.

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